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Fretboard Positions Diagram

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Fretboard Positions Diagram

by Marc Scheffel

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Fretboard Positions Diagram

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Your Guitar Wants To Be Understood!

It's here, yes, it's possible. A single Diagram can show you how to play any Major and Minor Scale and their Modes, any Major and Minor Pentatonic Scale and their Modes, how to build Chords, and to make and identify Intervals, from one end of the guitar fretboard to the other!  It's now offered in this book, ready to help you play great guitar!

The Fretboard Positions Diagram brings the main Scales, Modes, Chords, and Intervals together on the fretboard and illustrates their relationships, which in turn helps in learning and remembering them. When you know the Diagram for one Key, it's then a matter of choosing a Position and using it at the proper fret to play in other Major and Minor Keys.

What you'll have in this book:

• The Fretboard Positions Diagram with full color Fingering Patterns on a 24 fret guitar neck

• A thorough collection of the Fretboard Positions Diagram for all of the Major Keys

• Extensive collections of specific Reference Diagrams for each of the 84 Modes of the Major Keys, for the Modes over their mated Triads within each Position, and for all of the Minor Keys

• Coverage of musical principles for Major and Minor Scales, Major and Minor Keys, Intervals, Chords, Modes, typical Chords in a song, Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales, and Solos and Improvising using Scales and Modes

• Coverage of CAGED on the guitar fretboard

• Relating the Blues Scale, the Harmonic Minor Scale, and the Melodic Minor Scale to the Fretboard Positions Diagram

• All kinds of musical insights and epiphanies brought together in one place



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